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Dr. Jeffrey Levy, DVM, CVA

Veterinarian Certified in Animal Acupuncture since 1999

"Dr. Jeff", specializes in at-home veterinary visits with a unique emphasis on specialized care & pain management through acupuncture, rehabilitation techniques and wellness treatments.

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Picture of Jeff
Picture of Jeff

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"Dr. Levy, a certified veterinary acupuncturist, assists with rehabilitation and pain management for pets whose ownsers want to avoid medication or surgery."

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Dr. Jeff speaks at the Harvard Faculty Club:

My Amazing Patients!

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Meatball and Jenn

Dr Jeff has been treating Meatball, my Bulldog, for more than 5 years now. Developing arthritis at the age of three and after trying several medications with no relief, we finally found acupuncture to be a magical solution for his pain. Being rambunctious, we thought he would never lay still enough to even get one needle. Dr Levy had Meatball with the 2nd needle! Meatball now looks forward to Dr Levy’s visits and embraces him with a HUGE hug upon arrival. Dr Levy has made it out in the midst of the worst storms and even late nights, and is always focused on his patient’s wellness. We would recommend Dr. Levy to anyone, and have numerous times over the years.

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Sunny and Sally

Sunshine Rae, part Great Dane, had ACL surgeries, arthritis in both front legs, disc problems and eventually an amputation. After an extensive online search I located Dr. Levy, who treated my pet for nearly five years. He was compassionate and intuitive, relieving her episodes of pain very quickly. Dr. Jeff, helped Sunny through innumerable medical crises, sessions of orthopedic rehabilitations and eventually through the end of life process. Thank you for everything, Dr. Jeff Levy- you were essential to my and Sunny’s existence…

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Benjamin and Jackie

Good news. Friday night after I had dinner with him in a nearby restaurant, he walked nonstop outside for one hour and 35min.  He did not take a break or sit down or have his legs cross or anything like that. Just continuous walking. It's amazing!

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